10 of the World’s Most Underrated Medicinal Herbs

Herb Garten

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There are thousands, perhaps even millions, of medicinal herbs on this planet that can help, or even cure you of almost any health problem you can think of. Do yourself, and your health, a favor and look into some of the amazing alternatives Mother Nature has to offer before you fill that prescription or buy that over the counter chemical quick fix.

Perhaps one of the best parts about using herbs is that many of these can be grown at home, or they can be purchased as essential oils or as tinctures. No matter how you decide to use them, there is no denying that these herbs are serious and powerful medicine.

Just a note: although these herbs are generally considered to be safe for everyone, for those of you who are taking prescription medications or are under a doctor’s care, or if you are pregnant, please consult with your doctor before stopping any medication or before you consume any herb to ensure that it is safe for you, your baby, and that there won’t be any drug interactions.


1. Sage

If you have only thought of sage as a pretty plant in your garden, a spice you add to meat, or even something you use for smudging, there is still a great deal about sage that you don’t know. This is perhaps one of the most widely used and most versatile herbs on the planet. Even its Latin name, Salvia Officinalis, comes from the Latin word salvere, which means to be saved. Before refrigeration, people used sage to preserve their meat.

Sage can eliminate diarrhea, fight colds and fevers, reduces inflammation in the body, relieves abdominal cramps, dries up phlegm, aids digestion, kills bacteria, and reduces swelling. Sage can even return color back to gray hair. The Native Americans have long used sage as a means of clearing negative energy and as medicine.

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