Can Too Much Exercise Be A Bad Thing?

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There is no doubt that everyone knows that a good exercise program goes hand-in-hand with a good eating plan in order to lose weight or to just get into top shape. There are many different ways to exercise  – from cardio workouts to lifting weights, from walking to yoga. You get yourself prepared to start working out but something strange happens – you quickly become addicted to exercise and you can’t stop working out. Could this ever be a bad thing?

Believe it or not, while exercising is a great thing to do to become fit, get your circulation going, and make your heart stronger, too much exercise can actually be a bad thing. Whenever you exercise, you start out slowly and increase your workout time little by little. If you find that you are not giving your body enough time to rest and recuperate each day you could end up getting weaker and slower rather than stronger and faster.


How Can Too Much Exercise Hurt You?

Whether you started working out to train for a marathon, or you began to see results from a moderate training program and decided to bump up your routine more and more each day, overtraining can do more harm than good. Instead of becoming stronger and achieving more, you will become exhausted, you will experience more pains and achy joints than ever, and you are achieving less rather than more.

  • A Broken Heart. Your heart won’t actually break, but if you continue to put added pressure on it due to non-stop exercising, you may find that you have developed an irregular heartbeat. This is something that should be checked out by a cardiologist just to make sure it is just from the extra exercise and nothing else.
  • Everything Hurts. It’s always common to have a few aches and pains when you first start to workout. If you still have pains or if they have gotten worse after you have been working out for a while, you most likely are exercising too much.
  • Changes in Eating Habits. Some people like to eat whatever they want so they choose to exercise enough to be able to do this without gaining weight. Problems occur when you have lost your appetite and are no longer hungry because your body is exerted too much of the time.
  • Not Enough Sleep. With any kind of workout your body needs a day in between to rest so it can recharge and you can give your muscles a chance to recover. When you work out too much, you are keeping the body from recovering properly because you are no longer able to sleep a full night.

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