Can Your Grandfather’s Diet Make You Obese?

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Grandfather’s diet

Researchers at the Garvin Institute of Medical Research, as well as the Victor Chang Institute, located in Sydney, Australia, found that the epigenetics of nutrition don’t just apply to extreme situations like famine.

Experiments on mice found that dietary habits and metabolic health of mice can affect the health of their offspring all the way down to the third generation. The grandchildren of male mice who were fed a “junk food” diet, even if only for a short time, were much more likely to become obese.

However, this does not mean one’s metabolic health is written in stone. These conditions are usually acquired, not inherited, and it is simply the predisposition that is affected. Gene expression can be changed, and the damage caused by eating poorly can be reversed by adopting a healthier diet and lifestyle.


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You can change how you eat and live at any time. Years from now, your grandchildren may thank you for it.


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