CAR-T Cell Therapy: A Potential Game Changer For Leukemia Treatment

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The traditional methods of fighting cancer have been radiation therapies, chemotherapy, surgery, or some combination of these. While each case of cancer is different, medical experts have continued to recommend these treatments for decades. Unfortunately, these treatments are not always successful in ridding a patient of their cancer, and sometimes they end up worse than before. However, a new approach called Car-T Cell Therapy may offer a new solution.


What is Car-T Cell Therapy?

This amazing new form of cancer treatment is a form of immunotherapy. This school of medical thought is built around the idea of boosting the ability of the body to use its’ own immune system to attack cancerous tumors. There is one category of immunotherapy called adoptive cell transfer, or ACT, which involves the collection of white blood cells from the patient’s body and altering them in some way to effectively reprogram them to attack cancer cells. There are numerous forms of ACT, but the one that has shown the most promise is Car-T cell therapy. Keep reading further to find out how this Car-T cell therapy works.

Car-T cell therapy is implemented like this: Doctors collect T-cells from a patient. These cells are then being genetically modified to make them attack cancer cells. Further on they are reintroduced into the patient’s body via intravenous infusion. These improved T-cells then attack and kill the cancer just like they would attack harmful germs during a cold or some other illness.

It certainly sounds impressive, but is it actually effective?

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