Carrots: 12 Reasons Why They Should Be A Part Of Your Daily Menu

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From better vision to an improved memory, there’s not one pill you can take that can compare to consuming one carrot!

If you could take one pill every day that would address many of your health concerns would you pop it with your daily vitamins? The bad news is there is no such magic pill that can do this, but the good news is that the simple carrot can. This article covers 12 major reasons you should consume this crunchy veggie on a regular basis.


1. The Health of Your Eyes

“Eat your carrots or you’re going to need glasses,” is something many parents used to say to try to get their children to eat this healthy vegetable. While it has not been proven that eating carrots has kept anyone from wearing glasses, the beta-carotene that they contain converts to vitamin A, which has increased the eye health and function of those who consume them on a regular basis. Specific areas of protection include macular degeneration, cataracts for the elderly, and night vision.


2. Reduces Your Chances of Having a Stroke

Harvard followed the eating habits of more than 90,000 female nurses over a period of eight years. They found that those who ate carrots at least five times each week reduced the chances of suffering from a stroke by two-thirds. This came out to 68 percent less than those who ate carrots just one time or less per month.


3. Prevents Certain Types of Cancers

If you are committed to living a healthy lifestyle, carrots have been proven to keep cancer cells from developing because they are rich in antioxidants. The low-calorie food contains vitamins A, B, and C. All of them are enemies of free radicals. Specific forms of cancer that carrots have been found to lower the risk of include colon, lung, breast, and prostate cancer.


4. Keeps Your Heart Healthy

Findings from a 10-year study by professionals in the Netherlands concluded that even just eating a small amount of carrots cuts the risk of contracting heart problems. In this case, more is better. Participants who ate a good amount of carrots on a regular basis reduced their risk of heart issues by 32 percent.

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5. Gives You a Glowing Complexion

The benefits of consuming carrots are not limited purely to feeling better, they can make you look better as well. From the inside, vitamin A helps to tackle acne, dry skin, and problems with pigmentation. On the outside, you can make a mask for your face by combining carrots with honey.


6. Helps Maintain Healthy Brain Functions

Carrots are able to reduce the oxidative stress that occurs in the brain which results in a decrease in Alzheimer’s disease. In addition, an 18-year Harvard study showed that just taking in 50mg a day of beta-carotene showed a delay in the decline of cognitive responses by up to a year and a half.


7. Reduces Signs of Aging

When you feel well, you usually look well. Once again, carrots can help you look even better because they have been proven to reduce the signs of aging. Their antioxidant properties reduce the ravages of the body’s cells that are caused by the regular effects of your metabolism.


8. Cuts Your Chances of Type 2 Diabetes

According to the American Diabetes Association, almost 30 million people across the country have diabetes. More than 1.4 million people receive a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes every year. The beta-carotene that is found in carrots has been found to reduce levels of insulin by 32 percent. The consumption of carrot juice has proven to maintain an even and consistent level of blood sugar which is important for those who may be pre-diabetic.

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9. Easy Way to Detox Your Body

An important feature of the vitamin A found in carrots is the way they work in conjunction with the liver to remove toxins, fat, and bile from the body. These elements are not able to be removed from the bloodstream, but carrot juice works to cleanse the liver and detoxify it. With its fiber content, it also helps to keep the colon cleansed and assists in keeping human waste moving at a regular pace.


10. Keeps Your Pearly Whites in Top Shape

Bugs Bunny loved the crunch of carrots which is why you rarely saw him without one in his hands. It turns out that the density of carrots helps to remove the plaque from your teeth along with any extra food particles. The stimulating crunching action increases the amount of saliva in your mouth which reduces the bacteria that produces cavities in your teeth. Carrots also have minerals in them that help to cut down on damage to your teeth.


11. Reduces Cholesterol

In the 1980s, it was discovered that calcium pectate attaches to the bile acids in your body that are comprised of cholesterol. When this occurs, it escorts the bad cholesterol out of your bloodstream. It only takes eating two carrots each day to bring your bad cholesterol down by 10% to 20%. The result is a reduction in your overall cholesterol levels.


12. Maintains a Strong Immune System

Many health professionals feel that the vitamins that are available by consuming carrots on a regular basis help keep the immune system in top form. Vitamins B-6, C, E, and A work together to prevent infections as well as the effects of the common cold and the flu. If you do contract an infection, you may find that you can overcome it and heal yourself faster because of the extra healing qualities that the vitamins bring.


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With all the information you now know about the benefits of eating carrots, there are many ways you can incorporate them into your daily food intake. If you have a juicer, carrot juice is a great way to start your day. Baby carrots combined with a healthy dip make a great snack, and roasted carrots are a nutritious and delicious side dish for just about any meal. Go carrots!