How To Use Olive Oil As Medicine

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Olive oil has been around for centuries and has a major place in the Mediterranean diet, where it seems as if everything is dipped, soaked, or cooked in olive oil. With its very high levels of monounsaturated fats, many studies show that this oil is linked to lower risks of heart disease. Other studies show that the powerful antioxidants in olive oil improve the regulation of cholesterol in the blood and reduce the bad cholesterol (LDL) as well as having anti-inflammatory compounds.

There’s no question whether or not the old adage “All foods are medicine and all medicines are food” is answered by olive oil. There is no denying that this oil is both medicine and food.

Olive oil is not only good for your insides, but the outside of the body as well. This oil is common in the cosmetic industry, soap making, even in pharmaceuticals! The phenolic antioxidants in olive oil, terpenoids and squalene, are known anti-cancer agents. The oleic acid in olive oil prevents chronic inflammation and reduces the amount of damage that free radicals can cause in the body.

Extra virgin olive oil is the best extraction method and produces the highest quality oil. Extra virgin oil is made by first crushing the olive fruit through cold pressing with no added chemicals. Virgin olive oil is second choice. It is obtained through a second pressing of the fruit.

This wonderful oil from Mother Nature has numerous health benefits and can prevent or cure many diseases. Keep reading and find out all the benefits you can get from using olive oil.


1.  Relief from Depression

One study done in Spain showed that people who consumed hydrogenated fats, which are found in most processed foods, had as much as a 48 percent risk of suffering from depression. This same study also showed that a higher intake of polyunsaturated fats, as well as olive oil, was shown to lower the risk of developing depression.


2.  Prevention and Relief from Gall Stones

Olive oil is known to aid in the digestive process and improve bowel movements. Many people claim that consuming a tablespoon of olive oil first thing in the morning on an empty stomach will stop the pain of gall stones or can prevent them from forming all together.

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