Top 15 Natural Ways to Deal with Depression

treat depression naturally

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When we feel depressed we also feel helpless, out of control, and unable to do anything. You don’t have to take those toxic pills so many doctors try to push on you. There are many different things to try that help most people deal with depression.

Take a look at the top 15 ways you can deal with your depression naturally and start feeling more like your old self quicker than a trip to the pharmacy.


1. Find a routine

Depression can disable you so much; you can’t seem to do anything. Even the simple things in life elude you. Don’t let depression strip the structure out of your life. Set up a light schedule that help you get at least part of your life back on track. Try something simple to begin with such as getting up at the same time every day and making breakfast. You can add tasks as you feel better.


2. Talk things out

See a therapist, life coach, or psychiatrist to work things out. Sometimes all you need is someone who truly listens to you and can help you understand why you feel the way you feel and how you can make changes in your life for the better. Don’t fall into that old wives tale about how only crazy people go to therapy. Everyone needs someone in their corner now and then.


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3. Set small goals

Depression makes you feel as if you can’t do anything and that, in turn, is depressing. Break out of that rut by making very small goals every day such as doing the dishes every night or walking around the block once a day. You will feel better doing anything at all, no matter how small.


4. Take off that mask

Too many people walk around wearing a costume and mask, a presentation to the world about what they want the world to think they are. Forget all that! You are fine exactly as you are so stop pretending to be something that you’re not. Get in touch with your real self and show that unique YOU to the world!


5. Eat healthy

Yes, it’s easier to just hit the drive through but that certainly isn’t going to make you feel better. There is no magic diet that will make your depression disappear, but eating healthy things from Mother Nature will certainly make you feel better about yourself.

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