Change Your Life With a Plant-Based Diet! Video

This is the inspirational story of Diana Stobo.

By the age of 35 Diana weighed 247 pounds and had a long list of diseases, including bleeding ulcers and chronic fatigue syndrome. Her body was full of toxins and doctors called her condition “toxemia.”

A lot of medications were prescribed, but one day Diana decided to change her life on her own. She started reading books about nutrition and chose to follow a plant-based diet.

She had to change her preferences in food, and to make it easier she motivated herself with the help of a note on her fridge: “no wheat, no meat, no dairy, no sugar, no caffeine, no alcohol.” This note helped her replace prescription drugs with healthy food.

Today she is a successful, beautiful, and healthy woman who shares her experience with others and helps them recover from their illnesses. To find out the whole story, watch the video below.