Check Out What the Cancer Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know

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If you listen to “health authorities” and most doctors, they tell you that chemotherapy saves lives. It improves the long term survival rates and doesn’t hurt normal, healthy cells. These are all lies the cancer industry feeds us. Chemotherapy is poison. Poison kills indiscriminately, this is an undeniable fact. It damages and even kills healthy cells, but if this weren’t bad enough, chemo triggers healthy cells to make a protein that sustains the growth of tumors and makes them resistant to any further treatment. Read that again. Chemotherapy actually encourages cancer to grow and this “treatment” for cancer is actually the leading cause of secondary cancers.

Pharmaceutical drugs, diagnostic tests, therapies, psychiatry, and dentistry and almost all medical research are run by corporations and corporations are there to make money (read more about side effects of anti-depressants). The cancer industry is quite ironic as the products that cause cancer are made by different divisions of the same companies that make testing equipment that diagnoses cancer, and the drugs used in chemotherapy.

Why is it that after all the money we have spent on “finding a cure”, cutting, poisoning, and burning are still the only “treatment” we have available to fight cancer?

This is because cancer is big business friends, don’t ever doubt that. The cancer industry destroys or screams “quack” at safe and effective cures while at the same time, promoting their expensive, patented, and toxic “cures” that do you far more harm than good.


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There is yet to be made a chemotherapy drug that ever cured anything. Even when mainstream medicine considers a chemotherapy treatment successful, they are actually only keeping the problem under control, managing the symptoms, usually at the cost of your physiological functions that will give you horrendous side effects later on. Keep in mind that there is no such thing as a drug that does not have some kind of side effects.

Although chemotherapy and radiation might kill cancer, they are also killing you.

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After a round of chemotherapy many people find that they have numerous adverse reactions. Most chemo drugs enter the brain and produce numerous acute or delayed changes to your central nervous system. If you have ever known anyone that has cancer and then gone through chemo, they often tell you they are suffering from “chemo-brain.” They can’t think clearly, they are forgetful, they are moody, and they have lost the ability to concentrate on anything for more than 5 or 10 minutes at a time. These effects can last for years.

The long term survival rates of cancer patients that undergo chemotherapy are grossly exaggerated because most cancer patients end up dying from other diseases that are unrelated to the original cancer but actually came from the cancer treatment itself.

It’s well-known that chemotherapy drugs, especially those with alkylating compounds, are known to cause other types of cancer, such as leukemia. In fact, alkylating agents cause direct damage to the DNA of all cells in the body. When the DNA is damaged, it causes long term damage to the body’s bone marrow which will affect your overall immunity. Chemotherapy allows the risk for developing a second cancer to grow slowly over time but their appearance is inevitable. Numerous studies have shown that the risk rises dramatically about two years after treatment has ended and reaches its highest level within 10 years after treatment. This is why most patients who undergo chemotherapy die within 15 years after treatment.

Radiation therapy also increases the risk of developing another type of cancer for most people. Radiation is linked to numerous types of cancer but the top two are leukemia and/or sarcomas. Most people develop these cancers within 5 to 9 years after radiation treatment ends. Exactly the same as chemo patients, people develop a secondary cancer that is related to the treatment, not a regrowth of the original cancer. Radiation used to be rare but radiation induced cancers have simply exploded since radiation has become common.

Everyone knows that there are several natural cures for cancer, but these are being suppressed because there is no money to be made in them. It costs millions, possibly even billions, to fund the necessary research and clinical trials to approve cancer drugs. Unfortunately, these drugs only make matters worse. Think about how many people who have a few high blood pressure readings who are put on toxic medication for life until the medication killed them, when all they really had to do was made some changes to their diet and lifestyle. The medical industry doesn’t want you to get well. They want customers!

One study that involved more than 10,000 patients who had lymphoma (Hodgkin’s disease) and underwent chemotherapy showed that they were 14 times more likely to develop leukemia and as much as 6 times more likely to develop bone cancer, compared to subjects that did not have chemotherapy. This is according to Dr. John Diamond, M.D.

The former president of the American Chemical Society, Dr. Alan C. Nixon, states that it’s incomprehensible how scientists can ignore clear and obvious evidence chemotherapy does much more harm than good.

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It’s well known that tumors often respond well in the beginning to chemo, but soon afterwards, the cells grow back, and at a much accelerated rates, and are then resistant to any further chemotherapy.

Worldwide, the statistics of patients who receive chemotherapy are grim. About 90 percent of chemo patients die within 15 years of treatment, either from a compromised immune system, leaving them vulnerable to other diseases, or from secondary cancers.

The bottom line here is that chemotherapy destroys almost all cells and systems in an attempt to kill off the cancer. This means your organs, brain, central nervous system, and immune system, are all compromised and damaged for years after the treatment has ended. Don’t worry about the cancer killing you; chemotherapy is much more effective at killing than cancer will ever be!

Conventional cancer treatments are an expensive and massive fraud! It kills more people than it ever cures and it actually doesn’t cure anything, it only poisons the body and causes other diseases in the future.

If you truly want to survive cancer, you would be better off to investigate alternative treatments. If you do an online search, you will find hundreds of these. Cannabis oil is the latest alternative treatment that appears to be working for many people.

You have nothing to lose by investigating alternative therapies and everything to gain.