Chemo Will Kill You Faster Than No Treatment at All

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Chemotherapy creates the real walking dead. There is nothing that can take away from the fact that the cancer industry is exactly that– an industry, there to make money. Consider how many people make money every time someone with cancer submits to traditional “treatment:” doctors, hospitals, surgeons, pharmaceutical companies, magnetic imaging, and radiation centers all profit from cancer.

If you have had to watch a loved one or friend die from cancer, you have our sympathy, and you are not alone. But we have to face the facts: conventional treatments do not work in most cases. Chemotherapy is more like a death sentence than a “cure.”

A former professor of physiology and medical physics at the University of California at Berkeley, Dr. Hardin B. Jones, has been conducting studies into the lifespans of cancer patients for more than 25 years. He had no choice but to conclude that, despite what doctors might tell you, chemotherapy does not work. Dr. Jones witnessed a huge number of cancer patients, treated with chemotherapy, die terrible deaths, many of them passing away earlier than other cancer patients who chose no treatment at all.

In fact, Dr. Jones discovered that cancer patients who decided to go with chemotherapy died more quickly, most times, than those who got no treatment at all. Dr. Jones states that cancer patients who refuse conventional treatments live an average of 12.5 years, while those who went with chemotherapy lived, on average, only 3 years. In particular, breast cancer patients who refuse all conventional therapies live 4 times longer than those who follow the traditional treatment of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation.

It’s fairly apparent that the cancer industry doesn’t want the world to know the truth about their multi-billion dollar cash cow.

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  1. Shannon

    Sep 23, 2015 at 12:37 am

    This is one of the most untruthful, irresponsible, unbalanced, and dangerous articles that I have ever read.

    My mother survived breast cancer at the age of 49, now 70. Yes, she skipped the traditional radical mastectomy, but the University of Michigan team did use both radiation and chemotherapy treatment on her. Yes, it was painful, and she lost her hair, and she threw up, and it was not pleasant. But she survived. I still have a mother. Thank God. Thank her doctors. Thank modern medicine and modern technology. She would have died without them. How illogical and irresponsible of you to claim otherwise.

    You offer no alternatives in your article. While the current treatment is not perfect, without its challenges, nor is it pleasant, her doctors were upfront about the potential and likely complications. They told her how it would work. She knew it was the only way.

    Your article lacks a solid foundation. It is misleading and biased and presents a danger to the uneducated public that reads it and goes no further. I feel sorry for them. But mainly, I feel anger toward you if any of them actually follow your alleged claims as advice and find themselves soon in hospice care. That will be on your hands. Fortunately, I don’t believe your following to be that widespread. And at the very least, it has now been reduced by one.

    A word of advice from one of your former readers: Hire educated journalists.

    ~ Shannon M. Russell
    Daughter of a survivor of breast cancer who underwent chemo and radiation treatment.

  2. Marvin Zinn

    Nov 30, 2015 at 12:56 pm

    Reply to Shannon:
    We all should have our own choice. Yes medical standard procedures save lives, but personally I would rather die. I know alternatives, from which I stopped cancer growth with herbs after refusing surgery and radiation.

  3. carmiturchick

    Mar 5, 2016 at 2:25 am

    “Dr. Jones states that cancer patients who refuse conventional treatments live an average of 12.5 years.”

    Bullshit. I would love to see him try to get that data past peer-review.

    My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer sixteen years ago, had surgery and radiation, and then five years ago was diagnosed with lung cancer for which she got the traditional chemo and radiation, which did nothing, but then they tried Xalkori which completely wiped out all eleven tumors she had. She is still alive chasing her grandchildren around and taking Xalkori although, with no sign of cancer in her body for over three years now, they really do not know if she needs to.

    This article is obvious bullshit because it does not even mention that there are now various different kinds of chemo. Xalkori, for example, is effective for 50% of patients that it might work for (only works for a specific type of cancer mutation), while traditional chemo only works for 20% of patients. Now, yes, normal chemo and radiation treatment is very hard on a body and you might live longer not getting that treatment. But it might save your life and give you many years, it is all about making informed choices. My mom did not expect to see December of 2011 and she is cancer free right now. Eleven tumors, left untreated, will kill every single person within a pretty short period, far shorter than 12.5 years.

    Really disgusting that you have this article up. Shame on you.