Common Sense Nutrition Facts That Aren’t Common

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As you are probably already aware, common sense is anything but common. Especially when we are talking about health and nutrition. There are all kinds of myths and misconceptions, rumors and flat out lies that abound, especially on the internet by so called health “experts” and celebrities.

What kind of things are we talking about? Keep reading. We have 21 health and nutrition facts that should be common sense but, well, aren’t so common.


1. Healthy Eating Isn’t Food Restriction

Just because you decide to eat healthy, that doesn’t mean you completely cut certain foods or groups of foods out of your diet forever. Eating is one of life’s true pleasures. What kind of life will you have if you decide that you will never, ever eat birthday cake again? Not even when your 5 year old makes one for your birthday. Really? Healthy eating shouldn’t be about restriction, but better food choices. You can make healthy pizzas, sandwiches, and even healthy lasagna. And that birthday cake? One slice on your birthday won’t kill you, but not eating it might crush your 5 year old.


2. Trans-Fats Are Your Enemy

Trans-fats are some nasty stuff. To make trans-fats you need to put vegetable oil under high pressure, heat, hydrogen gas, and a metal catalyst. This will turn that liquid vegetable oil into a sludge like compound that becomes solid at room temperature. Sounds like margarine, right? It is! You have to wonder if the person who created this stuff actually eats it. Trans-fats are unfit for human consumption, unless you are interested in heart disease and heart attacks.


3.  Natural Old Fashioned Foods Are Not the Problem

One hundred years ago, more or less, heart disease was almost unheard of. The obesity problem in America came right around the late 70’s or early 80’s when the anti-fat lies began. The type 2 diabetes problem followed on the heels of obesity. These are huge problems in America and other westernized countries and it seems fairly obvious that these things have to do with our diet. For some unknown reason, health authorities are blaming these health problems on butter, eggs, and red meat. The truth is, we have been eating these foods for thousands of years, but these health problems have only arisen in the past 100 years or less. Doesn’t common sense tell you that perhaps we should be looking at the new foods in our diets, such as processed foods, processed meats, margarine, vegetable oils, and sugar?


4.  The Body Does Not Need Food Every 2 or 3 Hours

Some people are confused about losing weight. They think they need to eat every two or three hours to “stoke the furnace” of their metabolism. This is a persistent myth. Studies have shown that eating more frequently has no effect on metabolism or fat burning. Eat nutritious foods when you are hungry, it’s that simple. That makes sense, doesn’t it?

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