Depression Actually Affects Your Brain Structure: How You Can Change It Back!

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Feelings of negativity or sadness can actually code different types of information into the electromagnetic field of the heart. The heart then sends back some of these signals to the brain. This creates havoc in the nervous system. We are not designed to feel depression for long periods of time.

We do have good news for you. Damage caused by depression can be reversed. There are ways to change the brain but YOU must make the decision to do so. You must decide that you are going to fix things yourself and then act on that decision.

Are you ready? We are going to tell you how.


1. Neuroplasticity

This word means that the brain is changeable and adaptable. This technique is being used more and more to treat everything from learning disabilities to chronic pain and much more. The idea here is that the way you think changes your brain. Although this isn’t a new idea, it has been proven recently through a number of experiments. The Baylor School of Medicine, for example, looked into surgery for patients who had extremely severe knee pain. These subjects were divided into three groups. Group one had surgeons shave the damaged cartilage of the knee. Group two had surgeons flush the knee joint removing unwanted inflammation. Both of these procedures have been used successfully with those who have severe pain due to arthritis. However, group three had “fake” surgery. They were sedated and incisions were made in the knee, then they splashed salt water on the knee. All three groups went through rehab. At the end of the study, the placebo group showed just as much improvement as the groups that had surgery! This study, which was published in 2002 in the New England Journal of Medicine, shows the power that the mind has on the body.

The American Psychological Association’s journal, Prevention and Treatment, also published a study in 2002 which found that 80 percent of all antidepressants could be attributed to the placebo effect. Researchers around the globe have found in many cases that the mind can heal just as well as any “real” surgery or drug.

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