Do Artificial Food Dyes Really Affect Behavior?

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Although many of the foods that contain these colors are processed or nothing more than sugar and are best avoided anyway, other foods such as canned fruits, meat, crackers, pickles, and yogurt are just some of the places where you would not expect to find these artificial dyes.

Read labels carefully. Since artificial dyes don’t add anything to the food but to increase your risk of chronic disease and cancer, avoid anything that has these ingredients and focus on fresh, wholesome foods for your family. We don’t have to wait for the FDA to make a move, we can simply make healthy food choices and ditch the brightly colored processed foods altogether.


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Here are a few tips to avoid these synthetic dyes:

  • Check Personal Care Items – Many shampoos, mouthwashes, toothpastes, and cosmetics contain these synthetic dyes. These chemical dyes can still be absorbed through the skin or membranes of the mouth.
  • Always Buy Organic – Since synthetic dyes can be hidden in unexpected places, such as salad dressings, meats, even produce, always buy organic and double check the labels.
  • Use More Natural Alternatives – Rather than buy that box of macaroni and cheese, make your own at home. You can also make your own fluoride free and no dye toothpaste and shampoo.
  • Always Read Labels – Although companies must list the artificial dye on the label, they don’t always tell you how much is in the food. If it contains an artificial dye, put it back, and make another choice or make it yourself.
  • Buy Real Foods in Their Natural Form – A head of broccoli or a bunch of baby spinach is much less likely to contain a food dye than frozen ones in a bag.

Relying on inexpensive processed foods is a good way to save on time, but you will sacrifice your family’s health in the long run. Make it fresh, make it from scratch, and avoid chemicals and artificial dyes for the best health for you and your family.


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