Don’t Let Stress Spoil Your Christmas

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6. Be mindful of alcohol consumption

If you have trouble with alcohol, or you have people in your family that get unpleasant when they drink, take this into consideration when preparing for the big day. This also ties into talking out problems with a troublesome relative beforehand. Alcohol plus suppressed emotions often leads to problems.

Of course, sometimes the problem with alcohol is not having enough to go around. Make sure you are well stocked and prepared for a long meal with the family to ensure there is enough for everybody. A pleasant buzz contributes to great holiday memories.


7. Go for a walk

This is especially great if there are kids in the picture. Taking the kids out for a walk in the woods or through the neighborhood before dinner is great way to expend some of that surplus energy they are sure to have in the post-gift-opening euphoria.


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8. Take some time for yourself

In the midst of all the hustle and bustle of preparing for the holidays, taking a few minutes just for yourself can go a long way. Find some time to meditate, go for walk, or do whatever else relaxes you.


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