Should You Drink Milk? Video

They say we should drink 3 glasses of milk every day.

We’re used to the common myth: eating dairy products helps you to lose weight, strengthens your bones and improves your entire body.

Regardless of how many people follow this “rule,” there is no evidence that anything mentioned above is the truth. On the contrary, recent research has shown that dairy products have a great number of side effects and contain compounds that cause dangerous diseases, including cancer.

Learn more about health risks if consuming dairy. What do you think?


One Comment

  1. Marvin Zinn

    Nov 13, 2015 at 2:02 pm

    From Dr. Hyman’s information: I never believed government lies, but did use some cow milk and lots of cheese. When I got prostate cancer I refused surgery and radiation, was supposed to be dead by the end of last year. (That was the fourth time doctors expected me dead.) Instead I take graviola (drops added to fresh carrot juice) and turmeric; symptoms were gone in three weeks. Then with a lot of three time tests I confirmed to avoid all dairy products (including goat) or the cancer returns within a few days.

    I also have to avoid excess sugar for the same reason. Sugar is the most dangerous addictive drug in the world!

    No, I cannot prove this works for everyone, but for me it is absolute proof!