Europe Raw Milk Vending Machines

For reasons unknown to the rest of us, the United States government stages its own mini-wars against raw dairy products while Europe has gone in the opposite direction and has actually expanded access via raw milk vending machines. Europe took some of the current research about raw milk being exceptionally healthy and expanded on that. Raw milk has a treasure trove of nutrition without the unwanted growth hormones, antibiotics, denatured proteins, or oxidized fats.

Whatever happened to the “land of the free”? We aren’t even free to choose natural, wholesome food without government interference. It seems that the US government has decided that raw dairy products are akin to weapons of mass destruction; so much so that in 2010 SWAT styled local and federal agents swarmed Rawesome Foods, a private buying club located in Venice, California.

Automated Milk Vending Machine France

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Government agents state that they are acting in the best interests of the public but did anyone note that Rawesome Foods was a private club? That means they weren’t selling to the general public. So much for that logic. Also, it should be noted that selling raw dairy products is perfectly legal in California. So why all the fuss?  Are they somehow frightened that the public may find out that raw dairy, nutritionally speaking, far outshines its chemical and antibiotic laden cousin? (We are speaking of pasteurized, homogenized milk, of course.)


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Raw milk is superior to pasteurized milk in so many ways! Just to name a few:

  • Raw milk protects against a variety of health issues including diarrhea, infection, tooth decay and tuberculosis.
  • Children who drink raw milk have longer bones that are denser.
  • Raw milk enhances mineral assimilation by the body
  • People who are lactose intolerant are often able to use raw milk products.
  • There is a dramatic absorption of vitamins D, A, and B6 through raw dairy products.

There have been three studies complete in Europe that show that drinking raw milk and eating other raw milk products, helped protect individuals from allergies and asthma. There have also been a wide range of health problems that responded favorably to the Mayo Clinics “Milk Cure” (that should have named “Raw Milk Cure”) such as kidney disease, skin issues, urinary tract problems, cancer, weight loss, and disorders of the prostate. Read also about food groups that give you balanced hormones and great skin.

So, in response to the clinical benefits of raw milk, there have been several European nations recently that have installed 24 hour vending machines that supply local, raw milk to its surround communities. The dairy farms in and around France, Spain, and the UK, hope that they might be able to one day expand this idea into vending machines that sell raw yogurt as well. Find out how yogust pumps up your metabolism.

Other countries have also joined in and are in the process of installing these creative vending machines such as Switzerland, Slovenia, Austria, as well as the Netherlands.

What will it take for Americans to stand up and fight for the right to have access to wholesome, healthy foods, including raw milk and raw milk dairy products?  And why is it that the supposedly most advanced nation on earth, the richest nation on the planet, has the poorest nutrition for its people?