Drinking Lemon Juice: Cure-All Or Risky?

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4. Ulcers, and more

Lemon juice can cause ulcers in the mouth (canker sores), the esophagus, heartburn, and upset stomach or ulcers of the stomach.This is due to the high acidic content, as well as promoting pepsin, the stomach acid produced to process proteins. If you suffer from any digestive issues, skip lemon juice as a daily supplement.

5. It can throw off your iron balance

A substance in lemons increases the absorption of iron in your body. That’s great if you need more iron, but not good if you already have enough and begin to accumulate too much as you consume lemon juice daily. Symptoms of iron overdose include joint pain, heart pain, and irregular heart rhythm.

6. Watch out for a wax coating on the peel

This can be petroleum based, and is also found on many other citrus fruits. If you consume the peel, you will want to be sure to wash this off with a produce brush and hot water.

7. Lemons are acidic

Too much acidity in the body can wreak havoc. Consuming too much lemon juice can weaken tooth enamel, cause canker sores or stomach ulcers, migraines, and heartburn, summing up in other words – making all things work wrong.

8. High content of vitamin C

The high vitamin C content in lemon juice lends to its acidity, landing lemon juice with a pH of 2. However, too much vitamin C can upset the stomach and work as a laxative. Most bodies can handle well over the overdose limit of 2,000 mg a day of vitamin C, which is over 20 cups of lemon juice. But if you are taking supplements or consuming other foods and beverages high in vitamin C, you may reach that limit easily.

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