How To Eat Healthy And Feel Great On The Cheap!

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5. Potatoes

Of course, Yukon Gold potatoes are going to cost considerably more than plain old Russet potatoes, but the nutrition is the same. Many times, you will find white potatoes for the same price as Russet potatoes. Check prices and be sure to buy plenty when you find them on sale. Since potatoes are grown underground, they are very low in pesticide contamination, so buying conventional here is okay. An average price is about 33 cents per potato, and when you consider all that you can do with them, they are a super bargain!


6. Pinto Beans

Actually, any kind of bean is a good choice, but many Americans are familiar with pinto beans. Beans are great because you can buy them in large bags or in bulk, and they last forever! (When stored properly, of course.) Depending on the size of the package, pinto beans are downright dirt cheap! A 25-pound bag runs about 64 cents a pound! Bought in bulk, you can often find prices for about 89 cents a pound, and even those small one-pound bags are still only about $1.25 a pound. Start thinking Mexican food! Pinto beans are great for burritos, nachos, tostadas, or as a side dish.


7. Marinara Sauce (Jar)

Although you might find canned sauce cheaper, stick with glass jars to avoid BPA contamination. You can make your own sauce cheaper still, but on those nights when everything is falling apart, and you need a quick meal fast, homemade pasta dishes (made with pasta cut from squash) is a real time saver. You can also use it in casseroles, homemade pizza, even your own Italian meatball sandwiches! You can usually buy a 28-ounce jar of marinara sauce for about $1.89. That works out to 28 cents per half cup serving.

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