Eating This One Herb Just Twice a Week Can Beat Cancer

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Used as medicine for thousands of years, this very popular herb has been well-studied, perhaps more than any other herb on the planet, and is known to have the power to treat a wide variety of medical conditions and illnesses, but researchers have recently looked into the possibility of whether or not garlic could protect us from cancer.

The first study was published in the journal Cancer Prevention Research. Researchers looked into the lives of numerous lung cancer patients as well as healthy individuals. Each subject was queried as to their dietary habits, lifestyle, smoking habits, and the frequency of their garlic consumption. This study reached the conclusion that those who consumed fresh garlic cloves at least twice per week has as much as a 44 percent lower risk of developing lung cancer.

Even if the subjects were smokers, if they consumed fresh garlic, it lowered their risk of lung cancer by a full 30 percent.

Now this study only looked at the consumption of fresh garlic, not dried garlic, powdered garlic, or garlic salt, so it is unknown whether consuming garlic in other manners other than fresh would have the same effect or not.

Garlic is an edible bulb from the lily family, which includes other foodstuffs such as chives, scallions, shallots, and onions. This group of plants is members of the Allium genus, so they are often referred to as Allium vegetables or Allium herbs.

There has been a wide variety of studies that offer quite compelling evidence that garlic and its sulfur compounds are super effective at arresting the cancer process. Perhaps one of the most surprising things is that these studies show that garlic does not limit its benefits to just one specific tissue, organ, or carcinogen. In more than 37 observational studies, done with humans and the use of garlic or its related sulfur components, more than 28 of these studies showed that garlic had some cancer preventative effects.

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