Essential Oils And Other Natural Substances That Work Like Antibiotics

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You have probably heard a great deal lately about how the overuse of antibiotics has created a whole new army of superbugs, germs that are resistant to — or completely unaffected by — conventional antibiotics. It’s a scary subject when you think about it. There are times when antibiotics are vital for saving someone’s life, but what happens to the human race when germs are no longer affected by all of our known antibiotics?

The only ones to blame for superbugs are ourselves. We ask doctors for antibiotics we don’t need, and doctors prescribe them for every little cough or runny nose, and even for minor problems, such as a slightly infected wound. Too many people don’t try alternatives first — they head right for their doctor and seek a prescription.

Constant use of antibiotics leads to two serious problems. First, they strain the immune system because antibiotics kill all bacteria in the body, not just the “bad” kind. Secondly, since more than 70 percent of your immune system lies in your gut, you have just destroyed the one thing that can naturally fight infection and bacteria.

Another piece of the puzzle when it comes to the overuse of antibiotics is that even though we can control when and how we use them, we have no control over the food industry. The beef industry has been estimated to use about 70 percent of all antibiotics sold in the U.S. today.  The beef industry might tell you that these antibiotics are not passed on to us through their meat or dairy products, but this simply isn’t true. They don’t give damn about your health — they only care about making a profit.

What can you do about this? You can avoid antibiotics in your food by choosing certified organic, free range meats, and by choosing dairy products that come from the same types of animals.

When you decide to take charge of your health, you realize that there are plenty of natural means of fighting infection and killing bacteria and viruses without relying on toxic chemicals or antibiotics.

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