Essential Oils And Other Natural Substances That Work Like Antibiotics

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First, you can lower your susceptibility to these types of dangerous invaders by eating plenty of alkaline foods such as fresh, organic vegetables and fruits. You can get more than your daily requirement of vegetables through juicing. Cancer, bacteria, and viruses cannot live in an alkaline environment, so juice your way to a stronger immune system by making your body an inhospitable place for germs to live. This is far better than relying on antibiotics later.

Next, check out some of the best natural spices and essential oils that work like antibiotics.

Of course, sometimes antibiotics are necessary, and if these methods do not resolve your infection, or if you are ill and your symptoms suddenly become worse, see a doctor.

However, for most people, eating a more alkaline diet, combined with the following natural means of fighting infections, are all they will ever need.


1. Colloidal Silver

Nothing can live in the presence of silver, so it only makes sense that consuming micro-particles of silver each day will kill viruses and bacteria before they ever take hold inside your body. Many people consume a small amount of colloidal silver each day. If you prefer, you can begin to take it at the first sign of illness, or apply it directly to wounds as they happen. You will find bandages that contain silver in almost all health food and natural stores.


2. Turmeric

This spice has been used for thousands of years both in Ancient Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine to treat a wide range of health problems, including fighting infection. Turmeric has powerful anti-inflammatory and antibacterial compounds that have been found in numerous studies to be very effective at fighting bacterial infections, including MRSA. You can consume turmeric by mixing one tablespoon in a glass of milk and drinking it once each day.  Turmeric is great because you can also apply it topically. Mix turmeric with some Manuka honey or coconut oil until a paste forms. Apply this paste to a wound directly. Turmeric mixed with Manuka honey is perhaps one of the best natural antibiotic-like formulas that can fight both MRSA and even the dreaded flesh-eating bacteria.


3. Bentonite Clay

Sometimes called Pascalite clay, this is a very special kind of clay that can only be found in the mountains of Wyoming. It has tremendous healing powers. Mixed with water, this clay has been known to draw out infections from wounds within hours or days, bringing a full recovery without the need for antibiotics.

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