Essential Tips For Parents Of A Child With ADHD

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In the United States, the rate of autism and diagnoses of ADHD are increasing every year.  Since the conditions are becoming more common, more and more people are impacted by them.  If you’re the parent of a child with either of these conditions, you have some challenges ahead of you.  Understanding is essential when helping your child and those in your life understand these conditions.


More than Genetics

In today’s world, children seem to struggle with more illnesses when compared with children in the past.  This seems odd when you consider some of the many advancements in medicine.  Some of the culprits arise from increased use of hormones or chemicals.

In fact, some recent studies have suggested that some of our modern conveniences are to blame for the increase in childhood illnesses.  While it is difficult to narrow down a single cause, one thing is clear: Autism and ADHD are modern illnesses.

For one, modern agriculture and the use of pesticides is a big contributor.  Growing the food we eat and coating it in essentially poison just doesn’t sound like a good idea – and it’s all done in the name of reducing pests.  Environmental causes are a huge contributor when it comes to the health of your child.

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