Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Instant Ramen Noodles

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Photo credit: bigstock.com

8.  There Is Even A Museum In Japan

Go to Yokohama, Japan, and you will find the CupNoodles Museum, dedicated to the history of the product and the mastermind behind its creation, Mr. Momofuku Ando. You can visit a mini-factory where you can make you can make your own little Ramen noodles in cute designs like a fish shape or other shapes. The museum website claims you can make 5,460 different flavor combinations with Ramen noodles. Who knew?


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9.  Was Ramen The Best Invention Ever?

According to one survey, many Japanese people feel that Ramen noodles are their absolute best invention ever.  It seems hard to believe when you consider all the technologic advances that have come out of Japan, but the Japanese people feel that instant noodles truly represent their country. Ramen isn’t just popular noodle in their country, but it’s a noodle originating in Japan that is known all over the world.


10.  Seriously, Though, Just How Bad Is It?

Pretty darn bad.  And pretty disgusting as well.  If you need more evidence as to just how bad a choice it is to eat Ramen noodles, take a look at this video. It will show you exactly what Ramen noodles do to your stomach when you eat them.

Are you heading over to your pantry right now to ditch those last couple of Ramen noodle packages? We thought so.




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