Face Care: Do’s And Dont’s For Naturally Beautiful Skin

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Everyone sees our face, and we want to portray our best self to the world. That’s hard to do with blemishes. But, how do you get naturally beautiful skin without using expensive and conventional creams, lotions, cleansers and oils? Believe it or not, there’s some very simple do’s and don’t’s for naturally beautiful skin.
What causes skin issues?

Many natural health practitioners believe that the majority of your health, include your skin health, is in the gut. If you have a healthy digestive system, you can absorb and assimilate vitamins and minerals with ease, without allowing food particles to slip through undigested into the bloodstream. This issue, dubbed “leaky gut,” can lead to allergies and unsightly skin blemishes and even eczema.

Outside factors can also play a role. Harsh detergents and cleaners, hormone-laden makeup, and unnatural skincare can all cause skin blemishes. Switch to all natural cleaning products, such as vinegar and baking soda, and more natural makeup brands. Review your skincare routine, and see if you can find all natural cleansers and oils to keep your skin brighter.


Do’s and Don’t’s for Naturally Beautiful Skin

Do: Use natural and oil-based soaps.

Don’t: Use harsh soaps and lotions.

Soaps strip your face of its natural oils, leaving you with dry skin. Most non-organic and natural soaps, cleansers, and lotions may make your skin feel moisturized at first, but will dry it out over the course of the day. Opt for natural products, and use sparingly. Stripping your skin of its natural oils will just put it into a frenzy to replenish its oils. You only want to strip off bacteria, dirt, and dead skin. Using an oil cleaning method, such as the one described below can help keep your oils on your face and the bad guys off.


Do: Eat low dairy and low gluten, and possibly low histamine.

Don’t: Eat excessive amounts of non-organic dairy, processed gluten products, and high histamine foods.

As explained earlier, a leaky gut may be to blame for breakouts and acne. Limiting dairy, especially non-organic and pasteurized dairy can clear up acne quick. Cutting out heavily processed foods with gluten, like most breads, crackers, and pastas also helps most clear up their skin. These foods not only cause issues on your skin, but may cause or further your gut issues in the first place.


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Do: Take lukewarm showers or face washes.

Don’t: Take scorching hot showers or face washes.

Super hot showers and face washes strips your skin of its natural oils. Though it’s fine to use warm water, steer clear from very hot showers and try to wash your face with lukewarm water.


Do: Use organic makeup when necessary.

Don’t: Use non-organic makeup every day.

Makeup in general isn’t super healthy for you. Your body is absorbing what you put on your skin, and even if the ingredients aren’t extremely bad, it’s hard to have perfectly clear skin when the skin is covered by makeup every day. Try to go without a few days a week, and clean your face well when you do use makeup. If you do use makeup often, splurge for vegan and organic makeup choices, which are becoming more and more popular.


Do: Take a high quality probiotic.

Don’t: Eat foods that destroy your natural bacteria and gut health.

Again, your health begins in your gut. Your gut needs good bacteria, often called probiotics, to properly digest food and for immune system function. A high quality probiotic will help clear up your face, especially if you have chronic acne. Be sure to follow a course of antibiotics with a probiotic, also. If you have been taking a probiotic and see little difference, yet have chronic blemishes and digestive issues, ask your doctor to take a stool sample of your bacterial biome to see what strain of bacteria you are missing. Too often, someone may be missing one or two particular strains that they are not supplementing. High dose supplementation of one strain at a time will help in that particular case.

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