Some Facts About Sugar Which Are Not So Sweet

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Facts about table sugar

  • Table sugar is not refined sugar from a bowl used to sweeten your coffee or tea. It is actually sucrose, obtained mostly from sugar cane or sugar beets, as well as being naturally present in some fruits and vegetables.
  • Sucrose is most commonly used as a food additive to add flavour and sweetness. However, sucrose is made up of glucose (blood sugar) and 50% fructose, and that is why the amount of additives in food, some of them hidden, can raise your blood sugar and expose you to the risks of high blood sugar.
  • A positive fact is that sucrose and glucose can trigger the pancreas to secrete insulin to help deal with the dangers of high blood sugar.
  • A major difference between sucrose and fructose is that sucrose also contains glucose, which means that sucrose, like glucose can initiate insulin release.
  • Refined sugar is obtained by means of extracts from sugar cane and beets, which are chemically processed to remove all nutrients for unending shelf-life, and easy consumer use. White or brown refined sugar contains absolutely no goodness, except that some manufacturers may add caramel essence to flavour brown sugar.
  • The refined version of sugar is high in calories, and is quickly digested, which is why you never feel full after eating foodstuff loaded with refined sugar. This is what can lead to obesity.
  • Refined sugar is also very acidic, and in fact almost immediately turns to acid in the stomach, which is why many folk often suffer from acid reflux and indigestion after eating cakes and other high sugar items.


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Eating less sugar in any form is the key to maintaining good health, and a healthy diet, by making healthy food choices on a continuous basis. You can even treat yourself to a piece of cake or chocolate from time to time.

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