Farm Fresh? The Hidden Truth Behind Your Food Infographic

80 percent of the food in the United States is supplied by huge factory farms that don’t care about the food — it’s all about the business.

You may be shocked to find out where the meat on your dinner table came from, or what they fed the animals it came from, or the amount of chemicals that go into the production of your vegetables. To know where your food is coming from is to know what is going into it. Learn about the dangers of buying factory farmed and how to avoid them.

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  1. Whatever

    Apr 9, 2014 at 12:53 pm

    If All these things are so Unhealthy ..exactly what do you feed our Children? Make a List so I can compare them and buy them. If the FDA approves them..

    • IceaRina Resident

      Apr 17, 2014 at 8:12 am

      You can’t completely avoid every single food that is toxic but you can replace many of them if you can afford it. Healthy food is becoming the rich person’s domain. I happen to live in a state that is big on ranching. I searched online for grass-fed beef and pork, pastured or organically fed chickens, and it just so happened that a neighbor sells chicken and duck eggs. The ranch I buy meat from comes to the local Farmers Market where I pick up my order. I buy in bulk because it’s cheaper…not cheap, but cheaper.

      For vegetables, I got online and looked up Farmer’s Markets in my area. Granted not all the people who sell there are actual organic farmers so you have to question them. Some farmers sell a box of seasonal veggies a week for a set price…you can usually indicate what you don’t like (turnips for me) and they’ll substitute. I also discovered that Costco carries a lot of organic products in bulk and I like them because they pay their employees a living wage and provide benefits.

      Some ideas for what to feed your family, not just the kids, natural peanut butter on toast or whole grain frozen waffle (check ingredients for anything you don’t know or can’t pronounce) is a good breakfast. Boiled eggs are great snacks. So is celery with peanut butter. Of course all fruit as long as it’s organic. When I find organic grapes, I buy a bunch and freeze them. They’re wonderful frozen. You can also make your kids smoothies out of Almond Milk and fruit…don’t add sugar. Almond Milk is 10 times better than cow’s milk so I don’t even buy cow’s milk. I have a breadmaker so I make bread…it literally only takes about 10 min to load it up and hit Start. Fresh bread made out of whole grain flours, not white. I make pizza dough too but if you don’t have time, just go ahead and buy a Boboli and load it with veggies, olives, pickled peppers, sun dried tomatoes and avoid meat entirely. I make a quick marinara sauce for whole wheat noodles. Buy tomatoes in glass jars only (Whole Foods) chop an onion, add garlic, chop a red pepper. Very quick to make. I buy mostly cod and halibut or trout when on sale at Whole Foods. I have found a couple of sources in my area who fish in Alaska in the summer. I order a box of various fish (no tuna or salmon because tuna is very toxic and salmon is just too expensive). I try to stretch all my meat by putting it in a dish instead of serving it ala carte. Needless to say, I have a second refrigerator with a freezer.

      I detest cooking so these are a few of my stand bys. I spend more money on food than anything else because in the long run, you pay for cheap food in doctor and hospital bills later.