Filet Mignon, London Broil, and What the Heck is That?!

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Although many people are aware that ground beef can come, literally, from hundreds of cows, most people are unaware that their nice juicy steak or those frozen fish sticks are made from several different animals and held together by meat glue. Unfortunately, this also means that smaller pieces of meat can be stuck together and sold as prime cuts of meat for considerably more. This would be especially true at restaurants where you don’t get to read the label. Meat glue is used for more than just beef, also. Common meats where this process is used are pork and ham, lamb (especially when you see lamb mixed with other ingredients, such as scallops), chicken, imitation meats such as crab, fish products, and many processed meats, such as sausage.

This is a fairly simple problem to avoid most of the time, however. Taking the following steps will help keep you safe:

  • Eat only grass fed organic beef or other meats so you eliminate any possibility that your meat contains glue. This is also the best way to ensure that you are getting the healthiest, most nutrition-packed meat for your dollar.
  • If you are eating out, for example, always order your meat well done. This way, if the meat is contaminated, you will kill off the bacteria by thoroughly cooking the meat.
  • Read labels at the supermarket. If it says “formed,” contains TG, transglutaminase (the actual word for meat glue), then choose another package of meat.
  • Be wary of any restaurant or grill that is selling quality steaks at cheap price. Chances are good that they are simply using cheap round steak, cutting it into pieces, gluing it together, and passing it off as a higher priced prime piece of meat.

Although the FDA lists transglutaminase as “generally recognized as safe,” they don’t have a very good track record. After all, the FDA also considers aspartame and GMO foods safe to eat, when the American public knows this isn’t true.

If you have been reluctant to pay for organic, grass fed, free range meats, think again. If you or one of your family members became sick from contaminated meat, (and let’s not forget that bacteria like E.coli can kill!) what would you be willing to pay to make them well again? Exactly how much is our health worth in dollars and cents?



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