Five Top Teas To Improve 5 Top Health Issues

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2. Jasmine Tea – Cancer Fighting & Nerve Soothing

Jasmine tea is actually just green tea with jasmine flowers added in for extra depth and flavor. But jasmine tea is unique because the jasmine flowers add in their own medicinal properties that make it a completely different helper than green tea alone. While jasmine flowers also have a whole host of antioxidants, other medicinal benefits of the jasmine flower include stress reducing, mood boosting and calm inducing properties. Research published in the European Journal of Applied Sciences showed that jasmine tea, and the smell of jasmine tea, is proven to help soothe and calm nerves and can regulate a negative mood.

Jasmine tea has also been studied for its antioxidant properties and Professor Eliezer Flescher from the Tel Aviv University in Israel found that one compound in jasmine tea, methyl jasmonate, kills of cervical cancer cells. This is similar to the effects of antioxidants from green tea, which have been found to help disrupt pancreatic cancer cells.

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