Five Top Teas To Improve 5 Top Health Issues


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3. Rooibos Tea – Protection Against Oxidative Damage

Rooibos tea might not have the levels of antioxidants that green tea does, but research has shown that it is a potent and powerful ally to the body when it comes to helping prevent damage done by free radicals. One particular study conducted on rat models found that rooibos tea, and the antioxidants in it, was particularly effective in helping the liver deal with oxidative damage which means that it could be a great help in making the organ resilient to damage.

Rooibos has also shown promise in helping to lower blood pressure. Since the tea does not contain any caffeine, unlike black or green tea, it is safe to drink by all individuals and may even be of help for those with elevated levels of blood pressure. The tea has also been studied a few times for its link to helping cardiovascular health and in improving cholesterol levels. However, the study on cholesterol found that it only had effects for individuals that were overweight and at risk of heart disease and not for those that were at a regular body weight.

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