Forget the Sand Man, How about a Sand Bath?

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Have you heard about the new health craze that will relax and rebalance the body? It’s called a sand bath. Going to the beach isn’t just about drinking margaritas and body surfing; the sand along the seashore can give us a healthy bonus when we bathe in it.

Being buried in the sand has a tremendous calming effect on the body. Sand baths are quite common in Mediterranean and Asian countries and are offered as a part of a spa treatment in many large cities.

In addition to relaxing the mind, sand bathing is a super effective means of removing toxins from the body. Sand is very alkaline in nature. It pulls acid out of the body while replacing minerals through osmosis. For a short while after taking a sand bath, you might feel younger and more energetic than ever before.

If you don’t live near the sea, burying yourself in the desert sand will have the same effect as a sauna, purging the body of toxins.

Tribal nomads in the desert regions of Morocco are now making a living from tourists who are looking to remove toxins and rejuvenate that body by burying them in the hot desert sands. These tribes have long run hotels in this region, but now they are using the sand surrounding their hotels as a sort of spa treatment for visitors.

Participants are buried neck deep in the hot desert sand for about 10 minutes. Their attendant will then help them out of the sand and wrap them in hot towels to avoid the shock of a suddenly cooling body. Participants are then encouraged to soak in a warm bath to help gently return the body to a more normal temperature. This sand bath therapy is said to help those who suffer from lumbago as well as skin disorders such as eczema and psoriasis, rheumatism and polyarthritis. The tribesmen will tell you that sand baths are super purifying and remove dangerous toxins from the body.

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