Tips For Controlling High Blood Pressure Video

36 million Americans have uncontrolled high blood pressure. About 14 million of them don’t even know that they have this problem, meanwhile searching for causes for their health problems in the wrong place. Another 16 million people take special drugs in order to solve the problem, yet achieve no results.

The thing is, certain changes in lifestyle could be made as a treatment and bring outstanding results.

Dr. Mercola shares some effective lifestyle strategies that help control blood pressure. Watch the video below, try the recommendations, and tell us about your results!



  1. Kieth Gau

    May 13, 2016 at 8:23 am

    If your hypertension is caused by stress, then natural herbs and foods that have a nervine effect are called for. Oats is very good food for nourishing the nervous system, and helps with anxiety. Passionflower can be a great anxiolytic (assists in easing anxiety). Valerian will help reduce anxiety in the body.
    Rawolfia is very good for anxiety and reducing blood pressure if you live in a country where it is available. (Ghandi utilized to drink a cup of rawolfia tea per day)

    Herbs which can be specifically great for reducing blood circulation pressure are linden, yarrow, elder, hawthorn, coleus, rawolfia.

    Giving up smoking, losing weight and increasing exercise (not isometric exercise) can all help

    There are several benefits that include the program and you will turn your daily life healthy and pleased by reading the e-site. It is possible to just google it for fix blood pressure Johnson wix David to get the written site which we utilized
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  2. Ariana Topoian

    May 13, 2016 at 8:31 am

    There are many things you could do in order to improve high blood pressure that do not involve medicine. Diet and exercise are always first on the list but there are some instead innovative services and products in the marketplace that might help some individuals. I’ve been identified with hypertension for around 10 years and am not the best at keeping to a good exercise regimen. I have had good luck with a product called resperate. Its a little portable CD-player sized device that helps you lower your breathing rate to significantly less than 10 breaths a minute for about 15 minutes. It is not known why exactly it will help to reduce blood pressure levels nonetheless it works. Its been through a few effective clinical trials and there are numerous success stories out there.

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    Thanks for the post.