Should You Get The Flu Shot? Video

Every year we are told we need the flu shot, but statistics show that only 9% of population have noticed any benefits of the shot.

Seniors and infants are at the highest risk of catching the flu, but the statistics shows that these very people don’t get any benefits from the shot at all.

In the video below Dr. Peter Glidden explains why he doesn’t recommend vaccinations, why government makes us do it, and the profits they gain from our compliance. You will also learn some possible side effects of the flu shot.

Well, do you usually agree to flu shot?


One Comment

  1. Kitsy WooWoo

    Dec 16, 2015 at 2:14 pm

    “why government makes us do it,” MAKES us do it? Uh-uh, not where I’m concerned. Is all I’m saying.

    I totally agree with the good doctor. Hopefully, he’ll be able to voice his opinions without being (yeah, physically) squelched by The Powers That Be (but not for much longer).