Get Rid of Pink Eye Fast with These Natural Remedies

Get well card, chamomile tea and fresh lemon

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7. Essential Oil Compress

Add a few drops of rose oil, chamomile oil, rosemary oil, or lavender oil into a half a cup of warm water. Soak a washcloth in this solution and place over the eye. This is really helpful to remove that crusty layer that tends to grow on the outside lid. If you have it in both eyes, use a separate washcloth for each eye. Do this four or five times each day and always rinse the washcloth in hot water before reusing, or use a new cloth each time.


8. Tea Bags

If the itching and pain is driving you crazy, this method works well to stop both. You can use an old tea bag or take a fresh tea bag and get it wet (not dripping wet, just slightly more than damp) then place it in the freezer for 15 or 20 minutes. Place the cold tea bag over your eye for almost instantaneous relief. You can use just about any tea bag, but chamomile, green, or black tea work best.


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9. Cold Raw Potato

Another old home remedy is to place slices of cold, raw potatoes on the eyes and allow to sit for 15 or 20 minutes, and then throw away the potato slices. Do this three or four times per day. Although this will probably provide some relief, it’s unknown if it will actually cure the pink eye infection.


10. Vitamin A

This is more of a preventative measure, but it will help speed healing if your pink eye is due to a deficiency in vitamin A. You can take supplements or try eating more foods that are rich in vitamin A such as spinach, sweet potatoes, corn, carrots, and cheddar cheese.


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