Get Rid of Pink Eye Fast with These Natural Remedies


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3. Raw Honey

Mix a half cup of warm water and one teaspoon of raw, organic honey. Be certain you are using real raw honey, and not the junk they pass off as honey from the supermarket. Put a few drops in the infected eye. You might feel a little sting as the honey kills the bacteria, but be patient, it passes quickly. Do this twice or three times per day and your pink eye should disappear in one day.


4. Baby Shampoo Wash

This is an old remedy that is also extremely effective. Mix three or four drops of baby shampoo (the non-tearing kind) in a half a cup of water. Bend your head over a sink, face up, and have someone pour this mixture into the eye. Let it overflow and “wash” out the eye. When you are done, add one or two drops of castor oil into the eye. Do this twice per day and most people state that their infection is gone in 48 hours or less.


5. Breast Milk

No, this isn’t a typo, it’s a super effective measure that works like magic, although no one is quite sure why. The milk must be fresh, so if you are lucky enough to know a lactating mother, ask for a few drops and put it directly into the eye, three times per day. This has been known to clear up pink eye in less than 24 hours.


6. Salt Water

This remedy works well; however, it can sting quite a bit. Mix a quarter teaspoon of salt into a half a cup of water and wash out the eye with this mixture three times per day. Use distilled water for best results. These kind of saline washes are sold at drug stores, but why spend $5 or more for a mixture you can make yourself for pennies?

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