Got Pink Eye? We Have 7 Natural Solutions To Cure It!

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You might think that pink eye is something that only happens to young, school-aged children, but the truth is that pink eye can happen to anyone at any age.

Pink eye is not only embarrassing, but it is also highly contagious, so it can really interfere with your life.

Pink eye, also called conjunctivitis, can have several causes. The four main causes of pink eye are:

1. A viral or bacterial infection

2. Exposure to certain chemicals

3. Excessive exposure to the sun and wind

4. Allergic reaction

Pink eye caused by bacterial or viral infections are contagious and cause the most problems. They are also the most common. When caused by bacteria, it often affects both eyes. Many people with bacterial pink eye find yellow or greenish pus draining from the eyes. The viral form of pink eye often causes a watery type of discharge and often affects only one eye.

Pink eye caused by exposure to certain chemicals or caused by allergies is not contagious.

We have listed seven of the best natural remedies for pink eye that will help relieve the symptoms such as burning, itching, sensitivity to light, crusty eyes, and swollen, red eyelids.

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