Heal Your Gum Disease in a Matter of Weeks

Photo credit: bigstock

Photo credit: bigstock

If you smoke, stop now (find out foods that help stop smoking). Even smoking pot, as healthy as it is in other aspects, it’s terrible for your gums and teeth. Smoking puts large amounts of free radicals and carbon deposits in the mouth, which causes a chemical reaction, removing vitamins and minerals from your mouth and damaging cells.

Another thing you should start doing is to chew on garlic. OK, this isn’t one of the fun parts, but it really works great at healing the gums. Try chewing on a bit of garlic and add a bit more day by day until you become accustomed to it. You should also start adding it to your salads and food dishes as much as possible.

You will also want to start improving your digestive health. Gingivitis is an infection and that infection moves from the mouth to the intestines, and even into your blood stream, eventually infecting your heart. Eat more probiotics and fermented veggies to improve your digestive health.

Oil pulling is another habit you should adopt. Use coconut oil with a drop of a microbe killing essential oil. This will clean the mouth and disinfect it, killing germs and bacteria.

You should also floss, even if it makes your gums bleed. This will hasten the healing time and prevent cavities from forming.

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