Health Benefits of the Top 6 Holiday Herbs

Photo credit: bigstock

Photo credit: bigstock

It’s the holiday season, that time of year when family and friends come to visit and enjoy the sights and smells of holiday foods, loaded with healthy, heady spices.

These delicious and aromatic herbs are fantastic additions to just about any food you plan on cooking up for your guests and the good news here is that there are numerous health benefits to many holiday spices. Keep reading for the top 6 healthiest spices you can serve to your family and friends and feel good about it.


1. Nutmeg

This is a powerful little spice so that just a little bit can go a long way. You can add some in your morning oatmeal, sauces, stews, baked goods and soups. Don’t overdo this spice however, as a heavy consumption of it can cause sweating, heart palpitations, even hallucinations!

In reasonable amounts, however, nutmeg not only tastes great but it has numerous health benefits including improving your brain power, clearing up digestive problems, stopping insomnia, and increasing blood circulation. You can even use this spice topically for skin problems and as a rub for sore muscles. Many people use nutmeg in baked goods, but try using it in a spice tea for a change of pace, or sprinkle some over a glass of warm milk before bed so help make you, or your kids, feel sleepy.

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