Top Tips and Herbs That Will Keep You Warm this Winter

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With another stretch of arctic weather about to descend, many people find it challenging to stay warm. Even shoveling snow or walking to work becomes bone chilling adventures. Chinese Herbal Medicine, however, tell us about herbs that will help to stoke the body’s internal fire, which can warm us from the inside out.

Many herbs can improve your circulation, making you feel warmer and drier, while filling your body with a powerhouse of antioxidants. Keep reading for the top herbs, and other tips, you can use to keep warm naturally during this cold winter months.


1. Ginger

Ginger is very warming and can be used in several ways. Fresh ginger is terrific for warming the body from cold weather, while calming the digestive system and improving immune function. Dried ginger is even more warming and is perfect for anyone suffering from a respiratory illness, long term digestive issues, or chronic diseases that tend to leave people feeling cold, especially in the winter. Find out real ginger ale recipe. No matter how you choose to consume it, ginger can be used to warm yourself up during those super cold, blistery days. You can have a hot cup of ginger tea or even a ginger bath to keep you warm all night without that electric blanket. To use ginger in your bath, boil about a half-gallon of water with eight ounces of ginger for about 20 minutes. Strain and pour this mixture into your bath.


2. Herbal Tea

For instant warming, not much beats sipping a steaming hot cup of tea. Herbs can nourish your body as well as warm you up quickly. Consider buying fresh herbs, rather than tea bags, and making your own warming herbal teas.


3. Grounding Roots

Chinese medicine also believes that by consuming grounding roots ( especially those that are grown locally) can help you acclimatize to the area you live in and not experience the cold so intensely. Grounding roots such as turnips, rutabagas, and onions are said to be helpful.

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