Top Tips and Herbs That Will Keep You Warm this Winter

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4. Cinnamon

Cinnamon can be used in two forms, the twig itself, which is used to warm energy channels and improve immune function. This is perfect for warming the extremities and treat joint pain that tends to become worse in cold weather.

The other form, cinnamon bark, is also very warming, especially right at our core. Cinnamon bark is terrific when it comes to warming the digestive system. If you tend to feel cold long after you have come into the house, or if you suffer from women’s health issues such as painful periods, this is the best form of cinnamon to use (read more about health benefits of cinnamon). Make your own tea, or sprinkle it liberally in your coffee, cereal, or baked goods.


5. Turmeric

Turmeric is the gently warming herb that not only treats the pain and swelling of inflammation, but is perfect for subtly increasing your core temperature.


6. Fennel Seeds

Fennel seed warms us up by focusing on the digestive tract. Fennel is often served after a meal in many countries, to improve digestion, and it does this by raising the body’s core temperature. If you tend to get gas, cramps, or bloating, try chewing on some fresh fennel.


7. Wear Bright Colors

Color therapy says that wearing bright, warm colors tricks your mind by seeing warm colors, such as red, orange, yellow, and copper, and believing that it is warm outside, or that you are somehow covered in warmth. Although there does not appear to be any scientific evidence to back this up, it certainly can’t hurt, and might help, at least as far as lifting your spirits on a dull, overcast, cold day.

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