Home Made Face Cleanser For Age 30 And Above

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Having clean and nice skin is strong evidence of personal hygiene that most people don’t joke with, especially females. Each day, some engage in activities ranging from exciting to tedious ones, and these engagements in return leave some dirt on the surface of our skin. There is the need for cleansing so that the effect of bacteria and germs can be reduced to the barest minimum. We may not have the youth of our past years, but as an adult, it isn’t a hard thing to maintain glow and beauty as we age. You will need to get some items, and follow some procedures as described below. It’s all times easier than you have thought!


1. Clean with Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

ACV is a known product used for many things in the home, such as in cooking, adding to bath water, and even mixing with water to drink in order to boost body immunity. It is good news to know that it is also an agent for cleansing the face, and rid it of impurities. It can help to restore the PH level of the skin, check clogged pores, and prevent the skin from being too oily or dry. Opt for the ACV-water proportions recommended for your skin, shake the mixture and apply to your face with cotton wool or bud. You can now put on your daily moisturizer after your skin is dried up.


2. Honey and Lemon

Both honey and lemon go together as antiseptics. The lemon’s citric acid destroys bacteria that causes pimples, and at the same time clearing off dead skin. The honey, being an antioxidant reduces the aging process, and can also function as a booster for the complexion. Mix two teaspoonfuls of honey with one teaspoonful of lemon. Use your fingers and palms to rub the mixture on your face. Wash the mixture off your face with warm water when dried.

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