How Knitting Can Improve Your Health!

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4. Prevents Dementia and Cognitive Decline

Studies by the Journal of Neuropsychiatry & Clinical Neurosciences produced evidence that knitting assists in the formation of new neural pathways and decreases the risk of cognitive decline and memory loss by 30 to 50 percent. When it comes to brain function, it seems we must all make the choice to use it or lose it.

Alongside the resurgence of interest in this traditional pastime, there has been an increase in the number of knitting groups. This actually has some health benefits as well. Current research demonstrates that those with stronger social bonds are healthier and typically live longer than those who don’t.


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If you’re going to take up knitting, try doing it with a local group! You’ll be joining in on a growing trend, making new friends, and helping yourself live longer in the process.


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