How Much of This Do You Need to Do to Lose Weight?

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Although many people made a commitment in January to drop a few pounds, most of them gave up months ago. There are tons of excuses for why they had to stop, and many times it’s simply “I just don’t have time.”

One of the safest and easiest types of exercising is walking. If you walk regularly, you can easily manage to lose at least one pound per week. Now this might sound like a piddley amount, but think again. Simply by walking, and not having to go on a diet or exercise at the gym, you can be 20 pounds lighter within less than half a year.

Walking will not only help you lose pounds and shrink inches, but will also tone your muscles and improve your general condition and overall health. The only difficulty is to get into this habit, but once you do, you will find you get hooked on this easy way to stay in shape and drop weight.

First off, the number of calories you will burn depends on your walking pace and your body weight. The heavier you are and the faster you walk the more weight you will lose. Most people can walk at about 4 miles an hour comfortably. This means that most people can burn 400 calories an hour.

This doesn’t mean you must walk 4 miles a day! If you can manage only 3 miles, that would be an extra 300 calories each day, still a terrific accomplishment that will add up over time!

If you buy a quality pedometer or a wrist band, it will increase your chances for success as you will be able to track your activity level each day. In order to find out how many miles you need to walk each day in order to lose weight, you first need to know how many steps, or miles, you are currently doing each day. This way you will know how many more steps or miles you will need to cover to lose weight.

For example, if you find that you are taking about 8,000 steps each day on average, then you need to increase that number to lose weight. We will show you how to figure that out in a little bit.

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