How Much Salt Is Too Much?

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What’s The Solution?

We’ve established that you need sodium—but it’s all too easy to consume way too much. How do we get out of this mess? The answer is to get the majority of the salt you need through natural whole foods and to cut out unhealthy sources of salt altogether.

Let’s start with sodium-rich whole fruits and veggies. It’s a good idea to eat more cruciferous (leafy) greens, tomatoes, beets, carrots, celery, and melon. Coconut water is also a good choice. All of these options offer healthy amounts of sodium as well as plenty of other vitamins and electrolytes.

Next, and perhaps more importantly, you need to eliminate unhealthy things from your diet. Processed food is the biggest culprit, so no more beef jerky, potato chips, pretzels, tortilla chips, crackers, and things of that nature. Usually, you can find reduced or sodium-free varieties of these foods, so if you must buy them, opt for those instead. Be careful of fast food and takeout food; these items can be loaded with sodium even though you may not taste it. Deli and cured meats are also rich in sodium, so be mindful of those as well.


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It’s not as hard as you think to reduce your sodium intake to a healthy level. Be conscious of your eating habits and get plenty of cardiovascular exercise, and you can drastically reduce your chances of sodium-related complications.


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