How To Be Full Of Winter Spirit: 25 Fun Yet Healthy Things To Do

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6. Grab a Clementine

Clementines are that super sweet orange fruit that we all look forward to seeing during the holiday period. Snack on these rather than Christmas cookies and you’ll be doing your body a ton of favours because they are packed with vitamin C!

7. Go to a local theatre show

Get your family and friends together and go appreciate the arts at a local theatre show or pantomime! Remember, laughing is great for you!

8. Get an oil burner

Buy yourself an oil burner or diffuser and invest in some seasonal essential oils such as cinnamon, pine, or clementine. Not only do they smell divine but each of these oils has its own amazing range of health benefits to boot.

9. Have a cookie-baking party

But with a twist! Instead of high sugar and fat cookies, bake up some healthy alternatives with fruit and oatmeal, or try switching normal butter for vegan butter.

10. Pour yourself a red wine

Red wine is great throughout the whole year, but nothing beats a full-bodied glass of red in front of the fire on a cold day. And don’t forget all the antioxidants red wine contains…so make that two glasses!

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