How To Be Full Of Winter Spirit: 25 Fun Yet Healthy Things To Do

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Christmas time brings cheer and festivities all round, as well as some well-deserved free time to spend with friends and family….and to take part in some fun seasonal activities! Work your way through this bucket list of 25 Christmassy things to do that are both fun and good for you, what’s not to love?!

1. Go sledging or ice skating

Both of these activities not only make use of the snowy Christmas weather, but also get your blood flowing, keeps you in great shape and get you laughing with friends and family!

2. Take five by the fire with homemade cocoa

Forget the store-bought stuff that’s full of sugar and other nasties. Buy some proper cacao and sweeten it up with honey or agave nectar with a topping of your choice for a healthy, enjoyable festive treat.

3. Get dancing to your favourite holiday tunes!

Get yourself off the couch and make a playlist of your favourite holiday hits. Then, find an empty space, and go wild, dance until you can dance no more, and sweat out all that excess food and drink!

4. Go to a tree-lighting ceremony

Get some fresh air at a local tree-lighting ceremony – there’s no better way to start the holidays and truly get yourself in the festive spirit.

5. Catch up on some zzz’s

Take advantage of the holiday period and catch up on some serious sleep (to prepare you for the parties ahead) because let’s face it, who doesn’t love a good, long sleep, let alone all the health benefits it brings!

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6. Grab a Clementine

Clementines are that super sweet orange fruit that we all look forward to seeing during the holiday period. Snack on these rather than Christmas cookies and you’ll be doing your body a ton of favours because they are packed with vitamin C!

7. Go to a local theatre show

Get your family and friends together and go appreciate the arts at a local theatre show or pantomime! Remember, laughing is great for you!

8. Get an oil burner

Buy yourself an oil burner or diffuser and invest in some seasonal essential oils such as cinnamon, pine, or clementine. Not only do they smell divine but each of these oils has its own amazing range of health benefits to boot.

9. Have a cookie-baking party

But with a twist! Instead of high sugar and fat cookies, bake up some healthy alternatives with fruit and oatmeal, or try switching normal butter for vegan butter.

10. Pour yourself a red wine

Red wine is great throughout the whole year, but nothing beats a full-bodied glass of red in front of the fire on a cold day. And don’t forget all the antioxidants red wine contains…so make that two glasses!

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11. Spend time with your loved ones

Because that’s what Christmas is all about, right? Catch up on some serious time with your friends and family members and let the happy hormone flow. Ahhh!

12. Get creative

Get some card, glitter, colourful paper and anything else you can think of and makie some personalised Christmas cards for friends and family. You’ll not only save money but also give yourself time to take an artistic ‘breather’.

13. Make a homemade treat for someone

Sure, buying presents for your loved ones is all well and good, but isn’t making something with your own hands so much more thoughtful? Bake up some of those healthy cookies from point nine or make a Christmas inspired potpourri.

14. Find your singing voice

Go out with a local group, your kids, or friends and family and get singing some holiday tunes! Surprise your neighbours with a beautiful recital of ‘Silent Night’ and remember that singing in groups has a calming effect, making you feel closer to those around you.

15. Make a donation to a local charity

Whether it’s toys for a local children’s home or food for the homeless, do a good deed at Christmas and donate something that will make a difference to someone else’s life.

16. Have a good old clear out

Get ready for all those shiny new things you’ll be receiving over Christmas and have a clear out of all your old stuff. You’ll not only free up space but also calm your mind without all that extra clutter.

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17. Help out a local homeless shelter

Get involved, help others, have fun and meet new people by donating your time at a local homeless shelter or soup kitchen and bring a smile to someone’s face.

18. Take a staycation

Many hotels have cheap rates over Christmas, so try something different with your family or friends and take a staycation in your home town.

19. Take a break from meat

Having turkey, goose or chicken is commonplace on Christmas Day, but why not have your family try out something a bit healthier this year with a meat-free alternative? You’ll not only save money, but also be dramatically reducing the fat content of your Christmas dinner.

20. Go on a Christmas lights tour

Get wrapped up warm and head out to see the Christmas lights of the neighbourhood! You’ll be amazed just how inspiring such a journey can be!

21. Snuggle up with a cup of herbal tea

Take advantage of the cold weather outside and snuggle up in front of your favourite Christmas movie with a cup of herbal tea in your hand. The choices are endless but why not try a cardamom and thyme infusion? Great for the digestion of all that Christmas food you’ll be eating!

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22. Ask for the latest workout DVD from Santa

Forget gifts that aren’t going to get you in shape for the new year! After all the indulgences of the festive period, getting in front of a good workout DVD in the comfort of your own living room makes sticking to your health and fitness routine that bit easier.

23. Make a Christmas wreathe

Store-bought wreathes can be super expensive, but that doesn’t mean you can’t hang one of these festive decorations on your front door. Have a design in mind that you like, and head out to buy the components separately. You’ll not only have the chance to express your creative side, but your home will be filled with those typical Christmassy scents!

24. Do some Christmas inspired yoga

Yoga is an excellent way of staying toned, strong and in-shape and the best part is you can do it all from the comfort of your bedroom floor if you so wish! Take a look on YouTube for some Christmas inspired yoga routines, or get sweaty in your favourite festive pj’s!

25. Make healthy s’mores

S’mores are one of the greatest holiday foods of all time, but they can be pretty unhealthy. Try making a healthier version using low-fat cookies, dark chocolate, and vegan marshmallows and indulge in this festive treat guilt-free!
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There are a ton of things you can do during the holidays, alone or with others, to keep you happy, healthy and, most importantly, having fun! Make this your Christmas time bucket list and post it on your fridge, ticking each one off as you go, or put reminders in on your phone to try a new one each day. Happy holidays!