How To Choose The Right Tea For Every Health Problem

stress and headache

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4.  Got a Headache?

Reach for cinnamon, lemongrass, or lavender tea. Cinnamon has manganese and iron, which will help quell that headache and lavender is well known for its calming effects. Tension or stress headaches respond really well to lavender. Cinnamon works best on other types of headaches. Lemongrass tea is a good choice when a headache is caused by feelings of anxiety.


5. Got a Scratchy or Sore Throat?

Lemon tea with honey will do the trick every time. Lemon will get rid of mucus that might be building up in your throat, making it sore. Honey is naturally anti-bacterial, so it will help to kill off any bugs that might be thinking of taking up residence in your throat.


6.  Got a Cough That Won’t Quit?

Make thyme tea. Thyme will calm spasms in the bronchial tubes as well as ease the pain from a cold or a coughing spell.

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