How To Infuse Your Own Water

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Water is not only good for us, it is necessary for our survival. That being said, many people have trouble getting down their 8-10 glasses each day. Your body needs to keep itself hydrated so that blood flows smoothly and your kidneys can flush themselves properly.

For the most part, water is pretty bland. When it is ice cold and filtered, it can be a refreshing beverage. But after a while it gets a little boring. There are things you can do to pep up your water. They sell water that is flavored but usually you will end up with lots of extra sugar that will add on too many calories and cancel out the benefits of drinking water.

You can infuse your own water and create flavors that you prefer and that are good for you as well. It doesn’t take a lot to create your own infused water. All you need is your own container that is big enough to hold a day’s worth of water plus the extra flavorings you decide to add. Have fun with it and purchase a pretty clear glass container that will show off the different fruits, vegetables, and herbs you use to infuse your water.


The Benefits of Creating Your Own Infused Water

Besides putting together your favorite flavors and making your own delicious infused water, there are benefits to having this refreshment handy at all times.

  • You can actually lose weight by having infused water close by. The water will keep you full so you won’t eat as much.
  • Many people don’t realize that the best way to release a bloated feeling is to drink more fluids. You will reach a point where you will begin releasing the excess build up.
  • It helps to remove any toxins in your body, especially if you ate a few things you shouldn’t have.
  • It will keep your muscles refreshed instead of worn out and tired as you work out.
  • Provides you with more of a pickup than a sugar-laden caffeinated coffee drink.
  • Keeps your morale high and you will find yourself in a great mood.

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What You Need to Get Started

  1. Get yourself a great looking plastic or glass bottle that will hold your 64 ounces of water for the day. There are many great looking bottles available online and they can be purchased from $8 to $20.
  2. Choose between filtered water, bottled water you purchase, tap water, or sparkling water. Experiment between each type to see which one you like the best.
  3. Get together whichever fruits are seasonal. Some you may want to start with are: Strawberries, blueberries, watermelon, apples, lemons, and oranges. Cut into pieces or cubes to release the flavors.
  4. Figure out your favorite vegetables: carrots, peppers, celery, and cucumbers. Cut up the vegetables into pieces so they will provide flavor without breaking down.
  5. If you are going to add herbs, tear them into pieces so the flavor is ready to match up with your fruits or vegetables. Look for mint, basil, ginger, rosemary and any other items you enjoy.

Top 10 Different Combinations to Get You Started

  • Lemon water – the best kind of water you can carry around with you at all times. This blend keeps your body alkaline and raises your ph. level.
  • Strawberry mint – strawberries are refreshing enough but that touch of mint adds just that little something special.
  • Apple cinnamon – warm and enticing choose whichever apples you like -granny smith, delicious, or Fiji.
  • Ginger lime – delicious to sip on and the ginger will keep your stomach feeling great.
  • Mango pineapple – what a great trip to the tropics with all of the special flavors and none of the calories.
  • Vanilla strawberry – tastes like dessert without any of the sugary extras. Make it the right way and it will taste like a shortcake.
  • Orange chai tea – if you want a relaxing drink to sip on, make a pot of chai tea then add some orange slices and a little honey if you like.
  • Watermelon cucumber – totally refreshing with just enough of each fruit and vegetable.
  • Tangerine pineapple – just the right balance of tangy tangerine and sweet pineapple make for a refreshing drink that’s just slightly sweet.
  • Tomatoes, cucumbers, siracha – just like a virgin bloody Mary with just enough spice.


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The combinations are endless. Have fun creating your favorite flavorful water beverages.