How to Naturally Even Skin Tone: 6 Most Effective Natural Remedies

Depending on heredity, environment and lifestyle even bright skin tone is something presenting, fading or something to be achieved. Modern cosmetic industry offers loads of creams for this purpose, though most of them are really expensive. Women all over the world and decades have been always conscious about how to naturally even their skin tone.

 What causes pigmentation?

  •  Ultra violet

Overproduction of melanin, responsible for the colour of our skin, is called hyperpigmentation and is usually caused by over exposure to sun rays.

  •  Hormonal disbalance

Chemistry inside our bodies changes depending on what’s going on. Chloasma facieiwidely known as Melasma or “mask of pregnancy” is particularly common among pregnant women and sometimes is a seal of Native-American, German, Russian or Jewish ancestry. Any hormonal medications can also lead to imbalance.

  •  Post trauma skin

Acne is the most often reason of blotchy skin. Post inflammatory pigmentation is a state of skin that came over the disease.

how to even skin tone

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 Natural remedies list:

  • Apple cider vinegar

A product with a long history of medical usage it is also a skin toner. Make sure you have apple cider vinegar of a good quality and apply it straight on the spots you want to fade to even your skin tone. As it is acidic it is recommended to use moisturizer on the finished spots afterwards.

  •  Lemon juice

Acidic qualities of this citrus are beneficial for lightening skin tone. Citric acid contained in lemon juice is an effective lightener. Put freshly squeezed juice on your skin and rinse it with warm water after 10 minutes. Apply lemon juice daily to even your skin tone naturally, but beware of using it when your skin is cut or damaged.

  •  Oat meal

Healing properties of oat are well known whether for taking it in or applying exteriorly. Mix oatmeal with some honey and put on the face. Leave it for few minutes before you rub it, then wash away with warm water to even your skin tone.

  •  Honey

Honey has great antibacterial properties that affect micro traumas of our skin in their birth and prevent further development of imperfections. Also honey is a good moisturizer – honey masks help to keep your skin from dehydration. Some sources recommend using certain types of honey to even your skin tone naturally. Ubeautyportal advises Manuka honey which is produced mostly in Australia and New Zealand from Manuka tree flowers. Honey appears in most of masks for evening skin tone, like this one: mix 3 tablespoons of olive oil with half teaspoon of tea tree oil, add 1 tablespoon of honey and leave on for 10 minutes.

  •  Pomegranate

Natural antioxidant that appears as a symbol of fertility and immortality in a dozen of different cultures is another effective thing to even skin tone. Drink pomegranate juice and apply it on your skin as often as you like. Juice of the fruit stops oxidation processes in our cells and soothes our skin.

  •  Licorice extract

Core product in Chinese medicine that stops all the inflammatory processes. It is widely used though to get rid of skin marks. Before applying it to your skin mix it with distilled water or to do it more authentically replace water with warm green tea.

Make sure you have sufficient daily amount of drinking water – consisting mostly of water we can solve a lot of our health problems including not even skin tone simply drinking enough water. These tips together with awareness of what works against healthy skin tone serves for the sake of your beauty. Skin is the largest organ and moreover it is all exposed, so taking care of it should be a never ending work.



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