How to Naturally Relieve Gas: 5 Trusted Ways

Forewarned is forearmed, so before getting to know how to naturally relieve gas, learn how to prevent it. First of all try to avoid certain gas-producing foods like cruciferous vegetables, legumes, processed carbs, dairy products (usually flatulence here is the sign of your lactose-intolerance), carbonated drinks, artificial sweeteners (like sorbitol that is added to sugar free cola) and products high whether in fiber or carbohydrates (for example plums, grapes, raisins, corn, apples, onions, red wine and beer) which are not easy to digest.

relieve gas

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Besides, the reasons of the excessive gas might be your pregnancy, flying, periods, anorexia, anxiety and even high altitudes. So if you have problems with intestinal gas, you should probably escape pasta with broccoli during your menstruation. However if you can’t resist products from the list above, here are some tips on how to naturally stop gas:

  •  Healing heat: Put warm compress or a bottle filled with hot liquid on your stomach. It will decrease abdominal pressure provoked by gas. Wait patiently until healing heat helps the gas to leave your intestine.


  • Herbal magic: Ginger, mint, cinnamon, or chamomile tea are true assistants for bloating and gas relief. Mint and chamomile have properties that aid in digestion and help relieve stomach pains and cinnamon is especially good at helping metabolize fats allowing your body to refrain from excessive gas. Apart from drinking ginger tea you can also chew on a piece of fresh ginger to naturally relieve gas.


  • Champion in gas fighting: “Foeniculum officinale” also known as fennel reduces inflammation of one’s intestine and ensures proper absorption of nutrients. Fennel is a great helper in relieving the symptoms of gas and bloating indeed, that is why you can always find a bowl of fennel seeds in Indian restaurants. Grind them or chew thoroughly and swallow optionally accompanying with some warm water.


  • Exterior methods: If you have some space when the bloating started make a simple upside-down bike exercise. This pose makes gravity your ally and the bicycle motion helps in pushing the built up air out. If it seems too difficult just lie on your back with your legs up and hold the position for about 7 minutes. Abdominal massage is an ancient practice that helps to stop gas as well.


Chew well! ” The more you chew, the less work your digestive system has to do to break down your food. This is especially true for carbohydrates, as they begin digestion in the mouth,” says healthy lifestyle specialist Shannon Kadlovski. Swollen air may cause gas even if you don’t eat gas-producing food, so try to keep your meal relaxed and slow. You will definitely notice that bloating won’t happen when you weren’t in a hurry with your dinner. Keep of chewing gum, and drinking through a straw as these activities can cause you to swallow more air. By the way above all the other reasons to quit smoking here is another one: smoke also might cause indigestion and intestinal gas.

Indigestion and feeling pain in your stomach after meals frequently together with excessive flatulence might be not caused only by your dietary mistakes. Flatulence might be the signal of irritable bowel syndrome, diverticulosis or inflammatory bowel disease, so if those tips didn’t help you to stop gas you should probably visit a doctor.