How To Wake Up Faster In The Morning

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It’s the same thing every morning – you have had a full night’s sleep, but you still don’t want to leave the comfort of your bed. You may feel a little groggy, or you are just moving very slowly. You have a lot you want to get done during the day and would love to jump out of bed and get started right away but you can’t. There are some ways and special tips that just might help you jump out of bed and embrace the day. Keep reading for the 16 ways to get up faster every morning!


1. Make sure to get a good night’s sleep

If you don’t get enough sleep the night before, you will be exhausted when you wake up. If you are already having trouble getting up in the morning, being too tired before you even get out of bed will make you feel out of it all day. Decide how much sleep you need each night and stick to it so it becomes a habit.


2. Don’t drink alcohol before going to bed

You may think that having a drink before you turn in will help you sleep better, but the opposite will happen. You will get used to having a beer or glass of wine before night time, and you will eventually need more each time. Try a small glass of warm milk before bed instead.


3. Keep your room the right temperature

Find whichever temperature works best for you. If it is too warm, you are going to feel restless, sweaty, and even more tired than when you first went to bed. If it’s too cold you will be too cozy under the covers and won’t want to budge. Be Goldilocks and find the temperature that is just right.


4. Leave your cell phone alone at night

There is something to do with the lighting on a cell phone or laptop that will wake you up and disturb your sleep if you keep these types of electronics too close to your bed. Go to sleep without your phone nearby in order to get a good night’s sleep.


5. Splash your face with cold water in the morning

Once you get yourself out of bed, take the coldest water you can get from your faucet and splash it on your face. It will definitely get your attention and give you the chance to feel alert much faster.

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6. Practice getting right out of bed during the day

If you are serious about waking up faster in the morning try practicing during the day. If you need to take a nap set your clock for 30 to 60 minutes, set your alarm, and use a song that will get you out of bed.


7. Check the status of your health

Make an appointment with your physician to see if you have any health issues that are making it difficult for you to get up in the morning. Are you overweight? Do you have diabetes? Could you possibly have sleep apnea? If you have issues make sure you are dealing with them.


8. Put your alarm clock far away

If your alarm clock is too close to you, you will be too tempted to hit the snooze button, turn it off completely, or even throw it against the wall. Move it to another place where you will have to get out of bed to turn it off.


9. Check out some melatonin

Melatonin is a natural supplement that you can get to slowly and quietly get you to sleep. You can find it in the health food store in different types and strengths so you can work with it to see which one works best for you.


10. Get checked for sleep apnea

Sleep apnea may seem just like a condition where you snore very hard but it can be very dangerous, even fatal, because you may end up not breathing for a short period of time. Every time you stop breathing your heart may stop so then it has to restart every time you begin breathing again. You may get a prescription for a C-Pap machine from your doctor.

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11. Don’t sleep in on the weekends

Keep your routine even over the weekends. If you decide to sleep in over the weekend, you will have to get use to your wake-up routine again every Monday.


12. Take your shower in the morning

You may have to walk into the bathroom with your eyes still closed but once you step into a refreshing shower you are going to feel great. It’s worth it to feel clean and refreshed and ready for the day.


13. Set your clothes out the night before

Having your clothes picked out and ready for the next day will make you feel ready to go and not rushed. Enjoy the feeling of being organized and it will carry you through the day.


14. Set up an appointment first thing in the morning

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to set up an appointment first thing in the morning. You may go kicking and screaming as you get ready and get yourself to your appointment on time, but once it’s done you will feel so happy it will be well worth it.


15. Exercise when you first get up

Many people can’t decide whether to exercise first thing in the morning or later in the day. If you exercise when you first get up, you will feel energized, burn calories throughout the day, plus you have it already done it and you won’t be able to put it off because something came up.


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16. Have your breakfast ready in the morning

There are many things you can do to have your breakfast ready for you as soon as you wake up. Set your coffeemaker to brew your coffee as soon as you wake up. There are ways to set up your oatmeal in a jar with all the toppings in your fridge so you can just grab it in the morning.




  1. Olivia Stone

    May 14, 2017 at 6:06 pm

    hahaha I really need this as I am an night owl. Anyways as I have read in the Consumer Health Digest, I should get at least 7 hour of sleep which I cant get. Yeah I really need to lay off the gadgets at night as the blue light can increase melatonin production

  2. mary ann

    May 30, 2017 at 8:10 am

    I love when I read get at least 7 to 8 hrs of sleep. So what do you do when you go to sleep, close your eyes, clear your mind and nothing happens????? You are wide awake.

  3. Marvin Zinn

    Aug 24, 2017 at 7:44 am

    I only get four to five hours per night, sometimes a few minutes during the day. Anytime I am awake my mind is crammed with tasks I ABSOLUTELY MUST get done, so I might as well get up and finish it or would never sleep at all. (That includes reading these articles I have interest in, and making comments like this.)